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Pet Day Care

Do you have an only fur kid?  Do you have long days at work? Do you want your socialized fur kid in a home environment where they can interact throughout the day with people and other small group of dogs?  We just might be the place for you and your beloved four legged furry family member.

Long Term Boarding

This is a unique and customized bed and breakfast for dogs.  They are fed their food that pet parents bring, and any supplements and/or meds they may take.  They spend their day with me and the other few dogs that are hand selected to be here, and the evening includes time with my wonderful roommate who loves them as do I.  A Complimentary meet and greet is mandatory prior to booking.  We welcome well behaved, well cared for family members who are treated that way here as well at Tails a Wag Inn .  One flat fee includes play time, walks, TLC, lots of love and interaction throughout the day and evening.  This is not your typical dog boarding.  business. References are available on request.

Competitive Pricing

Your fur kid gets 24/7 care when staying here whether it is for dog boarding or dog day care in Orange County, CA.  I am here 80% of the time, and when not, they are safely kept in the house.  Otherwise they have full run of the house yard and furniture. No A La Carte Pricing.  One flat fee includes everything.  I am not a trainer or groomer, but support any training your fur kid has had, make sure they are safe and given any supplements or meds they take.  I brush them , clean their eyes and ears during their stay.


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